We believe in the power of prayer to invade the impossible and change everything.


Everytime Pastor Kile stood in-front of the church and say, He is believing that God is going to do somethings to eliminate the debt of this House, I have believed with him. I have held on to that and believed that, as God is working on eliminating the churches debt, he will be doing the same for my personal finances. I give my highest praises to the King because he is faithful and I also believe he is just getting started.


Good morning Evangel family!!! I have a praise report update on my dad. He is up and moving around, only using 9% oxygen, responding well to the plasma treatment and improving! Thank you all for your prayers and continued support. I love you guys and May God bless you ten fold! Your sis in Christ- Vanessa


Good morning Evangel Family, I was just informed by my little brother that my father has been admitted to the hospital. He has tested positive for COVID and Pneumonia. His oxygen levels are low and they have started plasma treatment this morning. Please keep him in prayer. His names is Ambrosio Rodriguez. Thank you all in advance!


Please pray for my family this week. One of my nieces has an ultrasound on her breast & one on her stomach this week. My other niece has an MRI for seizure activity. They are both in their Senior year in college & already under stress. Please agree with us for peace, 100% healing & God's provision. THANK YOU!!


Please pray for Steve and Dee Sullwood, both have covid and Steve is in ICU. This is our daughter in law's parents.