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Engage Student Ministry strives to create a culture of "Come as you are, but leave changed by the Love of Christ!” Every Wednesday night from 6:45pm-8:15pm, our students gather in our Student Center for Engage! This is available for all 7th-12th grade students, featuring an incredible worship experience, team building games, and a message tailored to students! Pastor Chris continually encourages our students to be Jesus in their homes, friendships, and schools.

  • Engage Online

    Stay engaged! Just click on the links to our Facebook page and YouTube channel. Social distancing is not isolation. We're in this together. We are family, and every student belongs!

    LIFE IN 6 WORDS is a sermon series that captures how the best-selling book of all time (the Bible) might describe life in six words.

    God. Our. Sins. Paying. Everyone. Life.


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  • Go For The Gold

    Fridays, August 21 - October 2

    7 - 9 PM

    Competitions for points & prizes. Special speakers teaching how to go for the gold in certain aspects of your lives like prayer, worship, etc. 


    October 2

    7 - 9 PM

    Details and location will be emailed upon registration.

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